Have you always wanted to try Yoga but feel self conscious in a class?  So you find that the class times don't suit your schedule? Would you like a Yoga class in the comfort of your home that works for your schedule?


What is a private class? 


Private yoga is a yoga class that has been specifically designed for your needs. We all have different bodies with different challenges. Sometimes we plateau, sometimes we get injured and sometimes we lose inspiration. Each session is planned ahead for your needs and wants both on and off the Mat. 

A private class acknowledges all those aspects and celebrates your individuality through sequences and practices which have been hand picked to perfectly support your body and mind.


You'll receive plenty of personalised tips and hands-on-assists (think yoga-massage) throughout the class as well as take-home practice poses. A private class can propel your practice forward, clarify teachings and reignite the fire within.


How does it all work?


Usually private classes run 60 minutes however 30 and 90 minute appointments are available. Basically you let me know what you want and how much time you have available and I’ll take it from there. Clients that take private yoga classes find huge benefits to their everyday lives.


Please feel free to email me at for availability and quote.