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Light and Shadow

I needed yoga in my life more than I realised. Taking the time to breathe, to stop and take care of myself has had a positive knock-on effect on everyone and everything around me. It cleared some space in my head, and I am not ashamed to say I felt so connected and relaxed I fell asleep at the end of the first class! My body was crying out for some yoga. 
Sharon is a busy mom, she knows about rushing around, putting yourself last, and not having enough hours in the day. 
Give yourself the gift of yoga with Sharon. You won’t regret it. 
Be kind to yourself. Namaste 🙏

Nathalie Crewes Edser

These classes are wonderful. Sharon is a patient and knowledgeable teacher. I joined as a complete novice and really look forward to the classes. However, she also looks after those who are experienced by telling them how they can push to get more from the poses.  I have done yoga classes with teachers who have left me confused and floundering. With Sharon everything is clear, smooth, relaxing and delightful. I highly recommend

Carmel Teresa

Approximately a year & a half ago, I began weekly yoga classes with Sharon.  Sharon is such a great teacher/instructor: she is supportive & encouraging; she is intuitive; flexible (in more ways than one!!) and has taught me so much!!  I look forward to my sessions with her every week & can’t give her enough accolades!!

Linda Bentley

Sharron actually introduced me to yoga, she’s very patience and knowledgeable, yoga with her is so enjoyable and healing 🙏🏽🧘🏽♀️ Thank you for what you do Sharron 💕

Pascale Aoun

Sharon is so calming and healing!!  I definitely recommend trying a session. She has provided me with poses and strategies to deal with some of my chronic pain issues!!Thank you Sharon!! 💜💕🙏

Dianne Hoegler

Sharon is a lovely yoga teacher, with good knowledge. Her classes have a lovely flow and are really enjoyable to to part in.

Nicki Wallace

Sharon introduced me to yoga. I was skeptical at first. As a novice I found Sharon very patient and encouraging. The classes are very calming and well structured to your individual level. I really enjoy the classes,

Mary Richards

Sharon is both eminently practical and unfailingly kind.  She leads me to challenge myself and grow while making me feel both comfortable and confident.  My classes are truly a high point in every week. I always leave feeling calm and genuinely refreshed.

Cynthia Unwin

I have taken Yoga classes previously with other instructors and Sharon’s class is how Yoga should be practiced. Other instructors I found rushed the poses, you didn’t have time to get into the pose properly before they moved on. It wasn’t relaxing and definitely didn’t bring mind and body together…with Sharon’s classes you feel that connection you feel the strength in each pose, you feel your body getting stronger. Sharon caters for beginners and the more experienced in her classes which is great. After doing Sharon’s class I feel relaxed yet energised for the day ahead. Thanks Sharon

Colette Loughran

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